Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enlarge image (check), transfer image (check). Begin.

I'm attempting to embroider this "B" initial onto this lovely old doily. 
To transfer the copied, enlarged image to the doily I just taped the copied image to the bathroom window (any window will do) and then I taped and aligned the doily just so and taped it onto the image.  Using the light from outside and the window worked just like a light box (without the expense).
Next, I used a fine point black pen (yikes), and carefully traced the now easy to see image right onto the doily.
The lovely pattern for the initial was found in Alicia Paulson's book,
Thank you, Alicia!

Also thought I'd share a few of my pretty slips!

I simply love how delicate they are.
What are you working on?
tomorrow then,

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