Tuesday, April 19, 2011

caution. i've lost my mind. turn back.

remember this 
go ahead
check it out
i'll wait...

yeah, well, all that
and drooling
and that

the habu came in.

here, let me show you
a little somethin' somethin'

see that mulberry colored yarn
yep, not kiddin' that's y.a.r.n.
oh, remember my cryin' bout
how itsy bitsy it was
how hard it was to see
how long freakin' forever
it would take to work with
blah, blah, blah

well, lets look at somethin'
down here...

so, here's a little comparison
see that black rope yarn
well that's the super bulky yarn
i typically work with
see how itsy~freakin'~bitsy the mulberry is?
go ahead,
take that in for a minute...

scary, eh?
that's nothin'
lookie here...

get out your flippin' magnifying glass
see that little white thinner~than~thread thing
come closer...squint if you have to
that white thinner~than~thread string is the
habu silk stainless y.a.r.n
that i've been
mindlessly unwittingly coveting

if i try to knit that
kusha kusha
i'm likely to
eyesight, too.

stay tuned to see if i actually attempt this feat 
which is 
nothing~short~of~lunacy crazy ridiculous
for the 
that's me.

but its still oh, so pretty...

i bid you
happy stitches,

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