Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vintage. White. Sewing Machine. Covet.

My mother-n-law and I were out thrift store shopping yesterday and we stumbled upon a vintage (I'm thinking circa 1960-70) beautiful turquoise green White sewing machine, similar to the ones shown.

I dreamed about that machine last night.  The lovely images that I found (I didn't have my camera with me to capture her loveliness) to show you here are not even close to the beauty of this vintage lovely.
She was listed at $119.00 and included the cabinet upon which she was installed.

However, when I ask myself the following question...

1.  Do I need another sewing machine?
The answer, sadly, if I'm honest is No.

But, do I want/covet/desire that gorgeous relic of the past?


Would I treasure her forevermore?


O.k., moving on...

Do you remember this post about my little vintage linen doily that I cleaned up, well here she is with a little hand embroidery addition.

I think she is just lovely.
happy stitches,

image 1 & 2: Google
image 3: Mine


  1. I covet it too...only I would have bought it, need or not! I have 3 antique sewing machines already, just collecting dust, but I have them, I love them, I'm keeping them regardless of what my husband says!!

  2. oh, a girl of my own heart! i know...i'm so tempted to go back & get it...even if I have to drag it out & haul it into the car...if it would even fit...xoxo

  3. I bet it was lovely. The pictures are making me drool. Old sewing machines are so much prettier than new ones.

  4. I know...I've got a sick feeling in my stomach for having left it behind. I so wish I could find a way to justify the purchase...xoxo

  5. Adorable doily! I have got to get back to more stitch work! I love it and it relaxes me!!
    Have a great evening! Oh and the sewing machine...I'm sure she was a lovely ol' gal!

  6. Some of th old things bring joy for ever.
    I still remember the MERITT sewing machine my mom used which was pedal operated.


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