Friday, April 1, 2011

Cleaning vintage linen...

I forgot to get a photo of how dirty this little vintage doily was but I thought I'd share how I clean such items.

I fill a small bowl with tepid water and a gentle cleanser such as woolite or eucalan (I prefer the lavender scent).  However, in a pinch, I've also used a drop Ivory dish detergent.

I use my fingers to gently work the fabric without rubbing to hard.  Unfortunately, not all stains can be removed, such as this stubborn one.  But don't let this stop you from making use of these remnants of the past.

I gently rinse with tepid water and then roll up in an absorbent towel.  Lightly press until most of the water is removed.  Be careful of any lace or appliques.

I simply lay the hand-washed piece on a clean, dry towel until dry.  If it's a nice sunny day and I'm not too worried about the fragility of the piece I'll lay it out in the direct sunlight which helps brighten the fabric.

I stretched a piece of cheesecloth over this hoop and I think I'm going to incorporate the vintage doily into this creation.  I haven't completely decided where this project will go but that's the beauty of the process.

here she is all clean & dry

she's kinda pretty, just like that.
i think i'm going to stitch a word in the center just for fun.
happy stitches,

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