Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beauty haul...

My Sephora loot arrived yesterday, unfortunately the bareMinerals foundation did not work for my   menopausal skin.  Most my adult life I have had very oily skin with enlarged pores and would load up products that were mattifying and pore reducing.  My skin has changed and I'm just becoming aware of how dry it has become.  Sounds silly, that I wouldn't have noticed this right away but I didn't, it's only going through this process of looking for new skin care and makeup that I have become fully aware of my skin's current state.
So, I'm going to have to retrain my brain to adjust to these changes and I'm thinking that I will try a   foundation for normal to dry skin and one that gives good coverage for my "poor textured skin."
I am using Paula's Choice as my guide, so far she has been right on with the reviews.  
It appears that Revlon has foundations that exceed many of those found in department stores, check out this link where the "best" foundations have been ranked, I've sorted them by price. 
I'll update as I try them in hopes of finding one to match my pale skin and cover well...wish me luck?
On another note, check out the loot of samples I received from Sephora, one of the perks being a "Beauty Insider."  
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