Monday, January 28, 2013

Paula's Choice....

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Paula's Choice but I do, vaguely remember reading a book years ago about cosmetic ingredients, etc.  I'm so glad that I stumbled upon her site as the information is incredible.
You may remember a few posts ago I ordered some new cosmetics & skin care.  Well, the bad news is that the Paula's Choice review does not give a glowing report of the products I ordered. 
I'm hoping that her site and information is accurate and honest because I decided to order some of her own skin care line, at worse, I won't like it, in which case I can return it for full refund.
So, I decided to try her Skin Recovery System

and I also ordered an anti-aging hand cream, body cream, aha body lotion and skin lightening product.  I will review them individually once they arrive and I use them for a bit.


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