Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Men of the Cloth

  1. Taken from Vicki Vasilopoulos'  page-

"I first conceived of MEN OF THE CLOTH when I was Senior Fashion Editor at DNR, a menswear trade magazine that is now part of the fashion bible Women's Wear Daily. I became fascinated by Italy's artisan tradition and the incredible pride and passion that's part of the cultural DNA of Italy's master tailors.

I truly admire these artisans who live a life of meaning and purpose – and create clothing that’s as beautiful inside as it is outside. They’re unsung heroes – with skills that have been honed over the course of a lifetime -- and my film honors their legacy for a younger generation.

MEN OF THE CLOTH unravels the mystery of their artistry as they confront the decline of the apprentice system and navigate their challenging roles in the twilight of their career. 

In this fast-paced world, the art of making handcrafted custom (or bespoke) clothing -- with a pattern created for each individual – has been declining for years. There are few remaining Italian master tailors, and this turn of events inspired me to share the story of Nino, Joe and Checchino with the world. But while their personal stories are quite distinct, they also give us an insight into the current state of their craft as a whole. So as much as it’s a character-driven film, MEN OF THE CLOTH is also a meditation on the value of craftsmanship and handmade clothing.

In the film’s visual through-line, we show a process that takes several weeks in real time: we follow the making of one bespoke suit from start to finish – from a bolt of cloth to a beautifully constructed garment.


What I need now are the finishing funds to polish the film and to prepare it for screening at festivals and for broader distribution. This includes:

• Color Correction 

• Sound Mixing

• Mastering to HDCAM tape

• Poster Design

If you enjoy soulful and inspiring stories that celebrate the creative spirit and humanity of individuals, please become a backer of this campaign -- and you’ll ensure that the film gets out into the world."

So inspiring.
Happy stitches

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